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Steffan Meyer will feature your property online on international, national, regional and Auckland real estate portals and search engines such as TradeMe, Realestate.co.nz and Bayleys websites.

With the bulk of buyers finding their new home through an online property search, syndication is an absolute must.

Video Property Marketing

A property marketing video is a must when selling your home today. Video marketing means the people who come to view your home know, and like, what they have already seen; they are ready to buy before walking through the door.

When selling your property, Steffan Meyers first goal is to attract the interest of as many potential buyers as possible, and then maintain their attention.

Steffans videos aim to make your home stand above the rest and make buyers fall in love with your home before they even cross the threshold. Video and photography services come standard with all of Steffan Meyers’ listings. Why? Because you and your home are WORTH IT!

Properties for sale that include a video get a greater click rate on property and real estate portals like TradeMe. Video is also shared on social networks far more than other forms of media, which means the marketing video of your home will be quickly found by an increasing number house hunters via sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Fact: Viewers spend more time focussing on properties with video. Video is engaging, entertaining and if done to Steffans standards, can go viral. It highlights the very best of your home, shows viewers the ‘flow’ of your house and allows buyers to imagine living there.

Steffan has found video increases physical viewings of genuine buyers, while reducing the number of people who visit your home and then find it unsuitable to their specific needs. (AKA the tyre kickers).

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Mobile Marketing

With smartphones in millions of pockets, mobile marketing is a great tool for selling real estate. Steffan Meyer recommends the realestate.co.nz smartphone app with GPS technology.

An easy way to locate properties for sale and times for open homes or property inspections with an opt-in subscription tool for newsletters and a mortgage loan calculator.

Floor Plans

Floor plans really highlight the property for sale. They offer a clear perspective of the home, including possible furniture layout, and provide a point of difference.

Indicative floor plans are easy to navigate and allow buyers to experience the exact layout of the home. Indicative floor plans lead to better qualified buyers who are ready to purchase your home when they come to view it.

Steffan knows the area and he knows the market
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