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Inside Knowledge On Real Estate Listings

Steffan knows what you all think of real estate agents, it is his passion to lead the pack in dispersing this stigma. With his energetic, fresh and innovative approach, Steffan provides his clients with a positive, safe and exciting experience when purchasing.

Welcome to the new breed of estate agent! Steffan and his young family live in beautiful Snells Beach. They love the area and are fully committed to staying here for the long haul.

As a keen outdoorsman, Steffan knows all the good spots in North Rodney, where to look for good investments, which areas are developing and the breathtakingly beautiful.

Steffan knows the area, he knows the market and he has no qualms about speaking the truth. Steffan gives both his buyers and vendors straight advice on all north Rodney real estate listings, provides great communication and responsiveness to all matters, regardless of how big or small.

Property Sales Experience

Having just been in the purchers position with his young family, Steffan fully understands what a buyer truly wants.

Purchasers want to be well informed every step of the way and to be looked after by a transparent agent. Steffan does all he can to look after you while you select and find your ideal property. He is here to get you home.

Steffan has worked with a huge diverse range of buyers throughout Rodney – he has great negotiating skills and regards himself as a bit of a bidding war strategist. 

When it comes to navigating North Rodney’s real estate market, he knows how to negotiate the best price and has proven strategies to ensure his buyers get the home they want and deserve.

Steffan knows the area and he knows the market
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Your Available Expert When You Buy A House

When connecting a purchaser with a property, it is fundamental to Steffan, while uncommon to find the perfect home ready to go, that the match is the best that it can be.

Nothing is better for Steffan than seeing a buyer love their new home. Steffan works really hard to ensure he has the time and answers you need, he appreciates just how stressful buying and moving can be and will do everything he can, as your agent, to help.

While Steffan always recommends a building inspection to be carried out, with 7 years’ experience in the building industry, he has the foundational knowledge to spot obvious potential issues that may be missed by purchasers in their excitement.

He knows what separates a well-built house from a bad one – it is Steffans job to protect his clients’ interests above all else.